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Research + Public Relations

Are you planning a new format, product or project and wish to gauge its market potential? On your behalf, novel media carries out market research and expert studies. In this way, you receive indispensable knowledge and a precise overview of the newest trends and developments, as well as of the most hotly-discussed topics in your market segment.

Star Trek Discovery:

"Content is for Kings"

We combine your content with the world you live in. This could be your industry, a seasonal event, or a social trend. People love those stories which fit with their own expectations and views. We research and create relationships so that your story can play a role in the everyday lives of your target group.

levon media

Public Relations

“A good reputation goes far. A bad one even further.” How is a company perceived? How can we optimise this perception and create a positive image? We take care of your public relations work and, via media contextualisation, create a connection between the services you offer and the issues currently being discussed on TV and in the press.

We optimise the relationships between your company and the public and support journalists with relevant editorial content. In this manner, you increase the trust of your customers and tap into new target groups.

Customers already trusting us

Companies of every size desire excellent crafted videos. We keep on delivering - in time, in budget.

We have developed and delivered On-Air design, tv trailers and tutorials to some of the most well known tv studios. Get in touch with us - together we push your video project to the next level.

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