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In a world full of screens, video content is always the correct answer. The better answer is excellently produced video content.As a full-service agency for video production, we offer services across all phases of the project:

from start to finish

Assisting all the way

- Format development (brainstorming and elaboration of ideas)

- Planning (project management, consultation on content and extras, development of the communication concept, creation of screen design)

- Editing (production of a script, on- and offline editing, storyboard development and organisation)

- Coordination and realisation (pre-production planning, booking, shooting, filming, wireframes, animation, post-production)

- Acquisition of cooperative partners and, where applicable, sponsors

what we specialize in

The perfect Video for your needs

For maximum force in achieving your goals, you first need the proper content in the proper format.


The image that others have of your business should be produced by you. Or even better: produced by us. We help you as early as in the script development stage, advise you in brand and design issues and produce a prime time-quality film for you.


The explanatory video for your product. Depending on the product type and target group, a well-made video can be the difference between success and failure. If you have the feeling that your product needs a little boost, then feel free to get in touch.


Multiply the returns of your investment in a big event. We capture the glamour and significance of your event with our cameras and, from this, produce videos for various purposes, such as for employer branding, trade advertising, promotional films.


Would you like to sell a service which requires an explanation, or clarify a complex process? Then make use of the effectiveness of graphic representations. Important statements are given extra weight when combined with visual elements. Explanatory videos are known providers of the “aha” effect.

Trade Fair

Your trade fair stand can be a major attraction. After all, people can’t help but look when there’s something to look at. So, make the visitors to your stand a convincing video offer. This could be either a product video or a video installation over multiple screens. Profit from the design strengths of our team; we are happy to produce for you.

Sports Content

Nirgendwo sind wir näher dran. Unsere Mitarbeiter haben über viele Jahre On Air Promotion für Bundesliga Live Fußball produziert. Wir machen Sport in all seiner Faszination auf kleinen und großen Bildschirmen erlebbar. Und ein paar weltmeisterliche Anekdoten erzählen wir Ihnen im persönlichen Gespräch noch dazu.

TV Trailer

TV trailers demand brutal efficiency. In order to compress 90-minute programmes into 30 seconds, surprising perspectives and, occasionally, completely new storylines are needed. From design to editing, when it comes to us, you can expect creative and craftsmanlike excellence. We have already produced more than 1000 trailers.

Animated film

It is said that people like animated films because they subconsciously remind them of the comics of their childhood. Whatever the case may be, the thing that makes animated videos loveable on all accounts is that they are a cost-effective opportunity to get in touch with your target group. Pictures are often superior to words. What’s more, anything you can imagine can be animated.

TV commercials

Advertising? No problem! We know what works on the TV screen and produce high-quality commercials for advertising agencies and branded companies.

Business TV / News / Corporate TV

For large companies, corporate TV is an effective means of internal communication. Are you planning to go on the air long-term? Talk to us about our comprehensive consultation! Whether you want to make use of digital signage or set up your own broadcasting studio – with our competence in design and production, we can help you along the road to success.

Branded content

We help you to integrate your brand or product into professional programme productions. Make use of our good connections in the TV and media industries and profit from our comprehensive production experience.

Recruitment & employer branding

Support your Human Resources department with recruitment videos. These enable viewers to experience your corporate culture and attract applicants who fit with your company. What’s more, you generally achieve more interest with a video – especially among younger target groups.

levon media

Advantages of professional video production

Of course, our cameras can do more than take selfies! However, to ensure that video content can perform to its maximum, its production must, above all, pursue a clear goal.

If you would like to promote your brand with a high-end production, then we can achieve this for you. In the same manner, we can also help you when it comes to presenting a product which is in particular need of explanation. Hitting the mark, that’s what we call professionalism.

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